AndreDareya Blues is about the genre of music called The Blues. The blues can be simple or complex as well. It can be as simple as plucking out three cords or as complex and loud as filling a stadium full of fans. It is the root from which most popular music has been developed. The notes and rhythms of this style of music flow in our veins and inspire us.

The blues originated from the tradition of African spirituals and was influenced by American country and folk music. It is a genre of musical storytellers. It was first recorded by a group of acoustic musicians in the 1900s. Legendary artists like Eric Clapton, Tina Turner, Nina Simons, Little Richards and many more have taken the blues to a new level.

There is a big community of people who love the blues. Being a musician, I also loved playing the blues compared to any other form of music. During my music career Eric Clapton was my real inspiration. . This site is dedicated to those who love the blues. In this blog you will read how the blues had evolved, the best albums and the best instruments for playing the blues. Basically, whatever you want to know about the Blues, you will find it here. So, keep reading my blog if you still love the blues.