There are opportunities for different companies to advertise in this blog. Having 10,000 readers everyday, 1 million Facebook likes and 50,000 Twitter followers, this is an excellent platform for music companies to market their products. Through our various solutions, you can reach target market very easily. Our site specializes in the blues music. So, you have very specific group of customers here. It will be very easy for any company selling the blues related product in our platform.

We are very good in engagement. We believe that maximizing ROI needs both good environment and good products or services. At Dareya Blues, we ensure that the advertisers pay only for real engagement.

Banner ads


We offer banner ads of different sizes. Your website’s home page or any particular page you want will be linked to the banner ad. The banner ad provides better exposure and visibility. We develop very eye catching ads that entice viewers to click on the ads.

Branded content

Concept image with What is Your Story printed on an old typewriter

We provide branded content campaigns that deliver marketing messages in such a way that they are carefully placed into the reader experience. We work with marketers, editors and brands in order to ensure that our ad contents are genuine and have strong impact and genuine. Our campaign ensures that some percentage of readers engage with the brand message.

Videos and displays

Videos and displays

These are integrated into our content, thus engaging readers with a unique advertising experience. This is a very effective way of advertising your product.

For any type of inquiry or pricing information please contact us.