Top 3 Blues albums of all time

Blues had been a very popular style of music. Many albums were extremely popular and people still hear them. Here are top 3 blues albums of all time.

Jimmy Reed – Jimmy Reed At Carnegie Hall (1961)

Jimmy Reed - Jimmy Reed At Carnegie Hall (1961)

Although the title of the album mentions ‘Carnegie Hall’, the album was not recorded at Carnegie Hall. May be the title was there to expect people to think that Reed played at that famous concert venue. This was such a great album! Many people might think that it’s just the three-chord things. But what’s amazing is the complexity that took place between Jimmy Reed and his co-guitarist Eddie Taylor. The blend is so natural that it’s hard to tell who is playing what. This album influenced many guitarists.

Albert King – Born Under A Bad Sign (1967)

Albert King - Born Under A Bad Sign (1967)

He was one of the greatest guitarists. It’s a surprising fact that he used to be a drummer. He was actually left-handed. Nonetheless, he played right-handed models flipped upside-down several times. He started off by releasing singles. But he will be remembered for his sensational recordings for Stax in the 60’s. Songs like Born Under a Bad Sign, The Hunter, and Crosscut Saw were very famous during that time. This album is used for practicing one-of-a-kind tone by many guitarists.

Freddy King – Freddy King Goes Surfing (1963)

Freddy King – Freddy King Goes Surfing (1963)

Though the title says, the album is not at all about surfing. The ‘surfing’ part was added probably to highlight the Beach Boys and the West Coast craze. He was a well known vocalist and guitarist. His album truly reflects his creativity and talent. He was one of the best guitarists ever. He can play between the lead lines and the small rhythm lines. He could find all the right notes.

These albums will always be loved and looked upon by musicians for many more generations to come. The audiences will never forget the great tunes they had created.

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